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Additional State Listed Noxious Weeds

WMA Mission Statement:

We protect, preserve and promote healthy, sustainable, native vegetation in both forest and rangeland.  We dedicate ourselves to protecting the overall health of your property by using integrated weed management and best management practices to successfully preserve native vegetation.       

 elk herd in lush grass

What is a noxious weed?

A noxious weed is the nationwide designation used to  identify unwanted plants that are not native or ‘exotic’ to a landscape.  Noxious weeds have the ability to propagate in new, non-native climates such as Montana because they are adaptive and once they are established they will out compete native vegetation and take over.

Noxious weeds cause detrimental effects on the environment:

Where do noxious weeds come from?

Most commonly, noxious weeds come from Europe and Asia.  They do not pose a problem in their native country because environmental factors such as moisture, aridity, soil composition, sunlight and competition of other naturally cohabitating plants and organisms prevent these weeds from developing invasive monocultures.

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