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Spotted Knapweed


Orange Hawkweed

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WMA Noxious Weed/Range Specialists is owned by Will Andrews whom has been dedicated to controlling noxious weeds by using multiple management tools for over 7 years. 

We are excited to make Montana a better place for our people, our animals and our plant communities.  We are here to answer questions, give advice and help you manage your property no matter how big or how small.  


All applicators are licensed by the State of MT and the Department of Agriculture.

License and qualifications include:  (License # 103088-12). 

            (30) Plant Ag Pest

            (55) Weed

            (33) Forest

            (37) Right-of-Way

            (12) Commercial App. 


Calibration/label restrictions: Applicators are required by law to know the details of all labels prior to application of any herbicide and will have all equipment properly calibrated. 


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