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Spotted Knapweed


Orange Hawkweed

Dalmatian Toadflax

Leafy Spurge


Sulfur cinquefoil

Common Tansy

Additional State Listed Noxious Weeds

Sulfur cinquefoil blossoms

Sulfur cinquefoil

(Potentilla recta)

Family: Rosaceae

Life cycle: Perennial

Roots: Fibrous spreading roots

Leaves: Alternate, palmate.  Not much of a basal rosette but instead leaves carry up the stem

Flowers:  5 pedals, flat, ovate and notched with a pale yellow color.



Stem: There are native cinquefoils that have very similar characteristics; however, the noxious cinquefoil has many tiny hairs on the stem, which grow out at a 90 degree angle.


Effective control methods:

Herbicide, hand-pulling and cultivation

Photos: USDA APHIS PPQ Archive, USDA APHIS PPQ, Bugwood. org
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