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Spotted Knapweed


Orange Hawkweed

Dalmatian Toadflax

Leafy Spurge


Sulfur cinquefoil

Common Tansy

Additional State Listed Noxious Weeds

Weather conditions

For best control when using herbicides, an applicator needs to have at least 4 hours without heavy rain for herbicides to become rain-fast.  Light precipitation can be beneficial, however, if heavy rain occurs and the weeds do not die, the job will be redone without any additional charge to you.  Also, winds cannot exceed 10 miles/hr due to drift concerns. 


Re-entry interval

There are no grazing restrictions on the herbicides we use.  However, humans (and animals) without proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are required to stay out of all treated areas until the herbicide has fully dried.  Dry time is dependent on weather conditions but is typically around 4 hours.

W.M.A., by law, is required to know all details of every herbicide applied per states law prior to application.

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