orange hawkweed

orange hawkweed

(Hieracium aurantiacum)


Family: AsteraceaeLife cycle: Perennial

Roots: Shallow, fibrous, creeping

Basel rosettes are composed of long, narrow, linear leaves that are covered in small, fine hairs

Flowers: each plant may have 2 to 8 flowers, which can range from 6 to 30 inches tall

Note: Similar plant structure with yellow flowers is known as yellow hawkweed complex.  There are several species with one being a listed noxious weed.  However, identification can be tricky due to their similar characteristics but growing patterns will help identify between species in the field.


Effective control methods: 



Repeated cultivation/digging:  This is effective only on small under-established sites.  Stolons and rhizomes are fibrous but weak so it’s important to remove and contain (then dispose of properly) all ‘root’ looking structures.


inEffective control methods: 

Mowing orange hawkweed will NOT control this weed because it reproduces through stolons and rhizomes.  Mowing may reduce the seed bank for a short time but this plant will adapt and begin to produce flowers/seeds at a lower level.

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